Yekra is a digital marketing suite built to deliver on-demand entertainment on any connected device. They provide a dynamic, lightweight, and embeddable video player that empowers filmmakers and studios to sell VOD, EST, downloads, and merchandise direct-to-consumer from anywhere in the world. My role on this project was to help them design an engaging platform to drive conversions by both creators and consumers.


Designing an engaging search and explore experience for desktop and mobile.

The first objective with this project was to craft a search and explore experience that engaged users through multi-tier exploration. We focused on large beautiful imagery to tap into user emotions and an interactive hero section with video previews.


Crafting a uniquely personal movie dashboard, taste profile, and social platform.

Yekra consumers could track their consumption of content through their personal dashboard. We continued to drive engagement through gamification techniques and friendly social competition. Over time, a user's taste profile was algorithmically determined and used to suggest movies for consumption.


Designing a cross-platform video player.

The embeddable video player is the key differentiator for Yekra. As we did with the search and explore experience, the video player also used multi-tier exploration to engage users. In addition, we designed a flexible tool panel that let the user take action directly from within the player.