A set of fundamental beliefs about design that guide my everyday.



Start and end with people.

I believe empathy is a cornerstone of design. I value listening and understanding, and believe it is critical to take time to understand problems and get to know people and their rituals in order to design relevant, meaningful experiences.


Design for scale.

I believe designs should scale and solutions should be technologically feasible and business viable.


Learn early, learn often.

I believe the right research will effortlessly inform the user experience and interface. In order to learn, I must observe obsessively. I believe in the power of observation and I take inspiration from everywhere.


Ease of use first.

I believe in creating beautiful, accessible products that people feel comfortable using.


Balance instinct with best practices.

There is no one way to solve a problem. There are good tools and proven principles; so be sure to use those, but don’t neglect your intuition.


Know the history.

I believe in the importance of knowing the historical evolution of a product and documenting it transparently. I am responsible for ensuring I do not repeat past mistakes and being open to revisiting valuable past iterations.


Design responsibly.

I believe in design that supports and enhances human behavior and actions in everyday life, and I consider the long term effect of my decisions. The experiences I create are meaningful and promote wellbeing, empowerment and joyfulness.


Explore boldly.

I believe in following my curiosities and forming my own ideas. It takes a quantity of ideas, discipline and dedication to get things right. Ideas must be grown and refined with care. I believe the right tools are necessary to unlock ideas.


Embrace constraints.

I believe that design thrives on restrictions and constraints. Constraints keep me within the boundaries of possibility and challenge my creativity.


Execute elegantly.

I believe that execution takes discipline, dedication, and thoroughness. The right tools and people around are essential to effective execution. Great ideas can die in the wake of poor process; don’t let them.


Be thorough.

I believe thoroughness builds trust with teammates and end-users, and trust is an essential ingredient for a delightful experience.


Trust and respect your teammates.

I believe we all have something unique and critical to contribute. I believe in managing relationships with teammates and stakeholders with attention and care.