Broadening the lens on adventure travel, is a global online travel magazine featuring emerging destinations, inspiring trailblazers, as well as rich narratives, unique perspectives, and original travel photography. My role on this project was to design the local trip experiences including the trip dashboard, chat, and itinerary builder.


Building an engaging local trip overview.

My first objective with the Adventure team was to explore visual layouts for the new local adventure series. Users would need to easily distinguish local adventures from trip packages and feel instantly connected to real people and helpful information.


Crafting a seamless booking flow.

In collaboration with the adventure team I crafted an easy to use local adventure booking flow. The experience was centered around a booking flow that used flexible selection controls and a strong emphasis on chat and messaging.


The visual sitemap.

Rounding out this short and fast project required updates to the global style reference. To contribute to these persistent supporting documents, I constructed a visual sitemap that could scale over time as new features and elements were added to the local adventure experiences.