My Creative Process




To begin I must understand, and to understand I must interrogate. I always put the human being at the beginning of the design process. I start with questions and listening; resisting my own biased opinions. This first part is about getting to the heart of something; not for what I want it to be, but for what it authentically is already. I cannot see what is possible, until I truly understand what is. True understanding is empathy.



Next, I form new ideas. What Iā€™m most interested in doing is translating the future life of an experience into a design language. During this phase, I feed my imagination. I take inspiration from all forms and patterns and stimulate every sense. Our imagination is precious and pure and new ideas are infant. As the designer, it is my responsibility to protect and nurture young ideas until they can stand on their own.



Execution comes down to the tools and the people around you. Great ideas need the right tools and great teams to bring them to life. I find that execution takes discipline, dedication, and thoroughness. A great team is focused and trusts each other explicitly.