Do great work and add to the sum of human happiness.



Why design?

We all have a part to play and with that the opportunity to add to the sum of human happiness. Design affects how we feel and behave; it’s not just a visual experience, it’s a thought process and way of seeing the world. Ultimately, design is a tool that can be used to enhance our humanity. I am a designer, thinker, and creative director with a simple mission to put human needs and desires at the centre of all that I do.



What drives me?

Love and curiosity are crucial. Design is a relationship. I have always been interested in how people behave and driven by my curiosity to learn what makes people comfortable and at peace. I am fascinated by the atmosphere of an experience and how people go about discovering the world around them. Being a designer gives you x-ray eyes, able to see through the current state of something and actualize it’s destiny. We get to create experiences that promote well-being, empowerment, and joyfulness and restore the human balance in brands and businesses that have lost their way. The notion of elevating people or places through design is exciting.



Hello, I'm D.

I'm a designer, thinker, and user experience director operating at the intersection of design, technology, and patient care. I live and design in sunny San Diego, have a dog named Joey, and love Mexican food. One of the things I love most is learning and being inspired by all types of creative industries from food to architecture. 

I like to think of myself as a Design Gladiator and think everything good in life takes hard work, dedication, and humility. 

“I think that the worst enemies we have in life are routine and fear. They are the two things that paralyze us.” Francis Mallmann



My creative process


To begin, I must understand and to understand I must interrogate. I always put the human being at the beginning of the design process. I start with questions and listening; resisting my own biased opinions. This first part is about getting to the heart of something; not for what I want it to be, but for what it authentically is already. I cannot see what is possible, until I truly understand what is. True understanding is empathy.


Next, I form new ideas. What I’m most interested in doing is translating the future life of an experience into a design language. During this phase I feed my imagination. I take inspiration from all forms and patterns and stimulate every sense. Our imagination is precious and pure and new ideas are infant. As the designer, it is my responsibility to protect and nurture young ideas until they can stand on their own.


Execution comes down to the tools and the people around you. Great ideas, need the right tools and great teams to bring them to life. I find that execution takes discipline, dedication, and thoroughness. A great team is focused and trusts each other explicitly.