ExpenseBot is an expense management software that integrates with staff credit cards, calendars, email and mobile devices to learn their habits as they spend and automatically track, categorize, and add expenses to reports. My role on this project was to help them define their brand position and design their corporate marketing website.


Exploring brand position with visual landscape analysis.

A visual landscape analysis exercise is a great way to kick off a brand positioning project. We understand experiences best by contrast and this exercise capitalizes on the contrast of extremes to narrow in on positioning.


Generating many ideas quickly.

The visual landscape results helped us narrow in on a few brand directions. In this phase of the project it was critical to produce a wide variety and high quantity of ideas. In addition to gathering general first impressions from the client and users, we also developed a style tile survey to aid in stakeholder alignment.


Visual design as a by-product of research.

Because we conducted thorough research, the design of the corporate website was a by-product of our findings. Due to the nature of the product, 90% of users would access the corporate website through a mobile device, so I focused on designing a layout that responded gracefully.